Company & Philosophy

Greek Hestia is a company created in 2018 from a unique partnership of a food scientist a Baker and two coffee expert entrepreneurs in the field of coffee shops, who have surpassed themselves by testing hundreds of recipes and combinations through their numerous years of experience.

The aim is to supply luscious and flavourful products with inspiration from all over the world, accompanied by impeccable quality and safety being the first priority, pursuing the best service to all customers.

Our philosophy comes throughout history, especially during WWII most households stored flour, a bit of olive oil, dairy products (such as milk and cheese), and herbs. Most of the ingredients were easily accessible locally from people’s gardens, nearby farms, and mountains. When combined, these ingredients can produce one of the most delicious products.

Simple ingredients with the right quality are required to create good food.

We embrace this philosophy supplying products using recipes that have been passed on through generations to bring to our modern culture an original taste from the past.

A passion for food with high quality ingredients and an eye for authentic cuisine, Greek Hestia brings families together for a warm, unforgettable, and unmatched culinary experience.

Thank you